Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rupaul S Drag Race Season 3


An all new season of Rupaul S Drag Race is coming your way. Don’t miss to watch the premiere night for this season. I know, I myself is a big fan of this show, in fact I’m so excited to watch this one. Don’t miss this one, you will surely enjoy. Start your day by watching this one.

Episode Guide: Rupaul is back with regard to drag competition Three now am certain that some of these people you might see soon on the new lady gaga new video for her new song we couldn t determine the women.

Review:  At first I was not interested in this show. But then again after I watched one episode I feel with it, now I’m always craving for this show myself. And I also want to share this to you. I’m sure you will also love it.  Watch it now!